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The Cultural Difference at Waste Connections

We all spend a lot of time at work. Wouldn’t it be great to like where you work, take pride in what you do, and enjoy who you work with?

The culture at Waste Connections is unique and based on Servant Leadership. This type of leadership is a lifestyle that impacts everyone who works there, the customers they serve, and the communities they serve.

To understand what Servant Leadership is, it is helpful to think of it in two parts:

  1. The leadership aspect: A visionary/direction
  2. The servant aspect: An implementation or operational role
1. The Leadership Aspect

Waste Connections has thoughtfully written the company’s purpose, vision, and operating values to help everyone (employees, customers, and prospective employees) understand what is important to Waste Connections and where they are headed.

  • Vision for the Future
  • Purpose
  • Statement of Operating Values


Vision of the Future
Our goal is to create an environment where self-directed, empowered employees strive to consistently fulfill our constituent commitments and seek to create positive impacts through interactions with customers, communities, and fellow employees, always relying on our Operating Values as the foundation for our existence.

Honoring our commitments provides our stakeholders peace of mind and establishes us as the premier waste services company in the markets we serve. This creates a safe and rewarding environment for our employees while protecting the health and welfare of the communities we serve, thereby increasing value for our shareholders.

Statement of Operating Values

  1. We strive to assure complete safety of our employees, our customers and the public in all of our operations. Protection from accident or injury is paramount in all we do.
  2. We define integrity as “saying what you will do and then doing it.” We keep our promises to our customers, our employees and our stockholders. Do the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason.

Customer Service. We provide our customers the best possible service in a courteous, effective manner, showing respect for those we are fortunate to serve.

To be a Great Place to Work. We maintain a growth culture where our employees can maximize their potential personally and professionally. Our objective is to provide an environment where people enjoy what they do and take pride in their work. We wish to embody a work hard, play harder culture.

To be the Premier Waste Services Company in North America. We continue to provide superior returns, remain environmentally responsible, and continue to grow in a disciplined way, deploying resources intelligently and benefiting communities we live in. We remain a “different breed”.


2. The Servant Aspect: An Implementation, or Operational Role

The Waste Connections’ Servant Leadership culture seeks to find ways to be of help or to serve employees, customers, etc.

According to Ken Blanchard, in the book, Servant Leadership in Action: How You Can Achieve Great Relationships and Results, “develop and support leaders toward a servant mindset and approach – that is, they cultivate servant leaders who create cultures where all people feel trusted, empowered, and treated fairly.”

For Waste Connections, the investment in building people up or servant leadership has been the very cornerstone of success in changing old behaviors into positive interactions.

Ron Mittelstaedt, CEO sums up the impact of Servant Leadership. “The whole idea of Servant Leadership is that it has a positive ripple effect. The way our leaders treat their employees becomes the employee’s vision of leadership. The employees then go out and coach little league teams, serve in their church or community, lead in their families and leave an indelible Servant Leadership thumbprint. Their influence improves their families and communities and continues to ripple outward as others lead the way they have been led.”

As Waste Connections moves into the future, Servant Leadership will continue to be how we do what we do: foster real relationships as they achieve unparalleled results in safety, integrity, customer service, employee satisfaction and business growth.

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