In observance of Christmas Day, Tuesday, December 25th, 2018, our office will be closed; the trash and recycling pick ups will run on a one day delay.

 For example Tuesday’s services will run on Wednesday and Wednesday's services will run on Thursday throughout the week.


 Please have your trash and/or recycling out between 6-7am for pick up day for us to service you, again trash and recycle will run on a one day delay for Christmas Day, Tuesday, Dec 25th.

***WCI offices will also be closed on Tuesday January 1st 2019, there will be NO DELAY for any collection services.***

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Waste Connections of Tennessee

Providing residential garbage removal, commercial garbage collection, and Tennessee Recycling Programs

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Posts for February 2016

Recycling your CDs & DVDs

There was a time, not so long ago when portable cassettes, CD players and MP3 players were hot items on the market. Now we rely on digital streaming services and our smartphones to play the music and videos we enjoy. Because technology is always changing, it seems we are perpetually buying the lastest and greatest electronic gadgets to accommodate our lifestyle. So, what do you do with all those old CD’s and DVD’s?

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Even the “little things,” can make a big impact when you repurpose

We all strive to be environmentally conscience. But some things are easier than other to know what to do with when it comes to disposal. While thinking in an environmentally conscious manner includes recycling and it also includes repurposing things that you might normally throw away. It’s easy to find second uses for items like plastic bottles, pallets, furniture, clothes, and many other household items. Repurposing comes in many shapes and forms, some practical, some crafty and some genius! But we can also apply this practice to smaller and seemingly insignificant items like silica gel packets.

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