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Posts for March 2015

City of Alcoa celebrates 20 years of curbside recycling

Wes Wade via thedailytimes.com

The city of Alcoa is marking a milestone for its curbside recycling program, which is entering its 20th year in operation.

The 20-year anniversary for Alcoa’s conversion to curbside solid waste and recycling collection is Saturday.

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Upcycle Candles For a Fragrant Spring Cleaning

As you de-clutter and wash away the stuffiness of winter, are you finding a collection of used or nearly done scented candles around your home? What do you do when there is only a little bit left of your favorite scent? Maybe you have a collection left over from the holidays, or even some from last summer. Instead of throwing them out, consolidate your collection by re-melting your used candles to create a beautiful layered look.

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