**In observance of the Independance Day Holiday, Thursday July 4th 2019, our office will be closed; however, the trash and recycling pick ups will run on regular schedule.**

 Please have your trash and/or recycling out between 6-7am for pick up day for us to service you.

  ***Waste Connections only observes the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays. These are the only holidays that impact service days**

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Waste Connections of Tennessee

Providing residential garbage removal, commercial garbage collection, and Tennessee Recycling Programs

Customer Service — 865-522-8161
Front Load & Roll-Off Dispatch — 865-522-0367

Posts for May 2015

Can I recycle that?

You may think, if it’s plastic or cardboard, it can be recycled. But with plastic coatings and other resins used in commercial packaging, some materials that seem recyclable may not. Here is a list of commonly used items that are not recyclable.

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Deconstruct wood pallets for your wood furniture projects

In the world of upcycling, the shipping pallet is the star. Is there anything you can’t make with these things? It seems fitting that this unsung hero of the shipping industry gets its due somewhere.

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